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Say Hello to Home

Finding a student rental just got a lot easier. Between school, work, and a social life, who has the time to hunt for an apartment? Your needs as a student are unique, and we get that. You’re looking for a place to rest, recharge, study, and create lasting memories. HelloU manages private residences all over Ottawa with a specialization in providing comfortable and convenient dwellings for students.
Find your next home today!

Simplify your busy life

Our properties are tailored for students. Choose from a variety of homes in safe neighbourhoods close to your university or college.

Make time for everything else

Find your perfect home, move in, and leave the rest to us. We are your contact from beginning to end for all your ongoing needs.

Work within your budget

No matter your budget, we will help you find a comfortable home through HelloU. Our properties are competitively priced relative to their neighbourhood.

Keep your friends close

We have a wide variety of multi unit products. Choose accommodations that suit your needs and the needs of your friends, so nobody is left out.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries
Q: How do I set up an appointment to view one of Hello U’s available rental units?+
Q: What methods of payment will Hello U accept for last month’s rent deposits?+
Q: I submitted a deposit to secure an apartment, but my application was not approved. Will I get my deposit back?+
Q: I gave Hello U a deposit to secure an apartment but changed my mind. How do I get my deposit back?+
Q: Will I need a co-signer for my lease?+
Q: What is a guarantor? +
Q: Does everyone living in the rental unit have to sign the lease? +
Q: Can the lease be broken? +
Q: My roommates and I are on the same lease, if they leave, do I have to cover his/her portion of the rent?+
Q: How long are the terms of the lease? +
Q: My lease is/will be over and I am not renewing. What are my obligations? +
Q: Am I allowed to have pets?+
Q: What is the difference between subletting and reassigning a unit? +
Q: Can I sublet my apartment?+
Q: What happens if a tenant sublets or reassigns their unit without Hello U's consent?+
Q: What methods of payment does Hello U accept for monthly rent payments? +
Q: Do I have to submit PAD or post-dated cheques?+
Q: When is rent due?+
Q: When is rent considered overdue?+
Q: What are the possible consequences of overdue rent payment(s)?+
Q: To whom do I make rent cheques payable?+
Q: Are monthly rent receipts available?+
Q: Is apartment insurance included in my rent?+
Q: Can rent be withheld because Hello U isn't properly maintaining a building or unit?+
Q: How much notice does a tenant have to give if they want to move out?+
Q: On what grounds can a tenant be evicted?+
Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the unit? +
Q: How do I put a request in for repairs?+
Q: I have an emergency repair that requires immediate attention. What do I do?+
Q: What do I do if there is a fire in my apartment?+
Q: I am locked out of my apartment. What do I do?+
Q: I’ve lost my keys. How do I get a new set?+
Q: Am I allowed to paint my apartment?+
Q: Damage has occurred in my apartment (hole in the wall, broken window etc.). Do I have to pay for it?+
Q: How do I get to the Hello U Office?+
Q: Who is responsible for paying utilities?+
Q: What bus routes or LRT lines are close to my apartment?+
Q: When is garbage/recycling day for me?+
Q: Who is responsible for snow removal?+
Q: Can a Hello U employee enter my apartment?+
Q: Can I refuse to let Hello U enter my apartment?+
Q: Can I change the locks?+
Q: Can Hello U change the locks?+
Q: Can I use Hello U as a reference for my next rental application?+
Q: Have we answered everything?+

Steps to Rent

Browse our current listings and filter your search to find the perfect home for you. Once you have found ‘the one’, book a showing with our leasing experts. If you want to pursue the rental, we’ll provide you with all the proper paperwork to secure the lease.

Browse listings

Input your requirements and see which of our available properties is a match for you.

View the apartment

Arrange a showing so you can get a feel for the place.

Lease it and live

Sign a standard rental lease and start packing!

Are You a Landlord?

Contact us about a free property management consultation

Are You a Landlord?

Contact us about a free property management consultation

Are You a Landlord?

Contact us about a free property management consultation

Contact Us

#9 - 800 Industrial Ave, Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K1G 4B8

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10AM -6 PM

Phone: 613.680.7368
Email: Info@Hellou.ca

Feel free to contact us if you require additional information about seeking a rental

I consent to receiving news and email communications from Hello U. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

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